Top Benefits of Faber Laser Cutting Machines


The laser beam from a fibre laser cutting machine can cut through materials with extreme precision and accuracy. This explains why fibre lasers can have any wavelength that the fibre can support; they are not constrained by the wavelength of laser light. This implies that fibre lasers may produce beams of extremely high intensity, enabling them to quickly and precisely cut through materials.

The following are a few of the main advantages of employing fiber laser cutting machine:

High Speed Cutting

Fibre lasers can quickly cut a variety of materials, including plastic and metal, thanks to their high-speed cutting capabilities. With these tools, you won’t have any trouble cutting through thick materials and getting precise cuts without using a lot of your own time or effort.

Accurate Cutting

Compared to other types of lasers, fibre lasers are able to make exceptionally accurate cuts because of their distinctive architecture and strong beam intensity. This kind of machine consistently produces a clean cut, so you don’t have to be concerned about cutting through the material when attempting to create an accurate cut.

Non-contact cutting

The ability to cut without contact is the main advantage of fibre laser cutting machines. This is perfect when you need to cut things without destroying them or when you need to cut materials that conventional lasers cannot cut. Without any physical contact between the substance and the cutting tool, the laser beam melts and evaporates the material from the surface. All types of materials, including non-metallic ones like plastic and rubber, can be cut with excellent precision and quality thanks to this feature.

Minimal maintenance

Due to their low power consumption and absence of moving parts, fibre laser cutting equipment require less maintenance than other types of lasers. They also include self-diagnostic systems that warn you if there are any problems with your machine before they pose a risk to your safety or cause downtime for your organization. This not only results in less downtime, but it also lowers operating expenses, which ultimately results in financial savings.

High power density

Up to 100 kW of power can be delivered using fibre lasers in a little space. This implies that they can swiftly cut through heavy chunks of metal. You have greater control over your material during the cutting process thanks to the high-power density.

Improved safety

Because they don’t need consumables like tungsten carbide rods or diamond wheels, fibre lasers emit less waste gas (which are required by CO2 lasers). If something goes wrong with the machine itself, there is no risk of fire or explosion because there is no combustible material in the air stream coming from the fibre laser tube itself.


The ideal tool for treating a variety of materials is a fibre laser cutting machine. Many different thin metal sheets, plastic polymers, and other materials can be cut and etched quite easily. Without causing any surface disruption, fibre laser cutting machines may perform incredible feats. Additionally, it gives you the ability to precisely and quickly create intricate patterns and motifs on the cut material. You can produce items very efficiently using a sophisticated fibre laser cutting machine, which is not achievable with frequently used metal cut machines.


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