Spider lift and its features


The spider boom lift is highly stable and uses four built-in legs, which helps better level and stabilize during working applications. The lift is self-propelled and is light in weight. The name spider lift is because of its spider-like structure or appearance. It is used as an elevating work platform. Spider lift was introduced in the market in the year 1998. These lifts can go up to the height of 22m. The good thing about this self-propelled boom-type elevating work platform is that you can drive it over rough terrain, use it on slopes, and tow it on a trailer.

Moreover, these lifts can pass through small doors or gates. These were the characteristics and features of spider lift that made it so much famous in the marketplace. It’s evident that almost ten years later, so many types of spider lifts and models will be selling in the market. People in business and experts prefer buying or renting spider lifts instead of trailer-mounted ones. The compact shape, size and lightweight help the spider lift move quickly and efficiently under challenging spaces.

Outstanding features of spider lift

Below are some of the fantastic and unique features of a spider lift. Let’s look at those.

Diversity in applications

For diverse applications, spider lift is versatile and a choice of many well-known companies nowadays. Spider lift is used in industries and by many professionals. For instance, it is used for utility work, construction sites, building maintenance, restoration and painting contractors, tv and film crews, and tree care professionals. The lightweight design of the spider lift is beneficial as it can be used for tree maintenance and with various vehicles. The working height of a spider lift can be up to 60 ft, and side outreach can be 31 ft.

Compact and light

The light and compact design of the self-propelled spider lift is beneficial for moving it under challenging grounds or locations. The compact design and light weight of this lift can make it possible to pass through the doors of malls, stores and industries. Spider lift is perfect for gardens and lawns as it will not cause damage to your delicate garden beds. Even for places like the gymnasium, where the floor is made of marble or fragile material, this lift will not cause any damage. People use this lift for changing the lights at height or repairing equipment.

Access confined spaces

Spider lift is well known because of its feature of accessing narrow spaces. You can pass the lift throw, gates, elevators and doors. The removable basket also plays a role in entering the lift in more confined places. You can remove the basket if the location or area is tight. Also, it is not difficult to remove the basket; two or three people can easily unclip the basket.

Setup in complex locations

It is one of the impressive features of a spider lift. If an expert is operating it, then you would not have to worry about how it will pass through this corridor or if it will stand on uneven ground. The width of the spider lift can be changed depending upon the place or situation by an expert operator.


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