A detailed introduction to sourcing agents and sourcing companies.


An international system of export and import greatly depends on sourcing agents and companies. Sourcing companies and sourcing agents play a significant role in managing the supply chain. Jingsourcing.com is the best and most authentic platform known as a sourcing agent website. In this blog, you will know about the main difference between a sourcing agent and a sourcing company.

Introduction to sourcing agent /sourcing company

Sourcing agents and sourcing companies play a vital role in the international trading system. Sourcing agents and sourcing companies buy products from manufacturers and resell them to buyers and clients. They provide these services to clients such as choosing the right suppliers, cost expenditures, quality control, testing of products, and management of shipping and shipping fees.

The main difference between sourcing agent and sourcing company

Although sourcing agents and sourcing companies perform the almost same task for their clients there is the slightest difference in their way of working.

Sourcing company

A sourcing company or sourcing agency consists of expert and experienced sourcing agents who deal with departments such as sourcing, testing, shipping, etc. A sourcing company can do tasks in an organized way. It can deal with different clients at the same time. These types of agencies are located near industrial regions or clusters. For example, in China, sourcing agencies are located near industrial markets and cities like Shenzhen, Yiwu, etc.

Sourcing agents

A, sourcing agent is an individual worker who serves as a source and a link between suppliers and buyers. These sourcing agents can easily be found on social media, and freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Sourcing agents usually consist of a single worker or maybe two workers. Sourcing agent also has some experience and expertise in their field. It only depends on you, which one will you choose (sourcing agent or sourcing agency) for your task.

Services by sourcing agent or sourcing agency

The fee for sourcing services may vary from task to task and sourcing agent to sourcing company. So, make everything clear and reliable before starting your deal. A fee that is charged by sourcing agents and agencies depends on services like selecting the right supplier, cost relations, quality of products, testing, and shipping.

Selecting product suppliers

It is the most crucial and main role of a sourcing agent or company to source perfect suppliers to its client who will meet clients’ needs more perfectly and in a suitable way. A sourcing agent or company must provide the client with the best quality products at suitable prices. A sourcing agent (as, an individual worker) on freelance websites has a fixed price as a salary usually for one project. This way is helpful for those clients in foreign regions or countries. On the other hand, sourcing companies do not introduce clients directly to suppliers because this is their way of working. They don’t have a fixed salary but have a fixed commission rate for a certain amount of goods. It’s their profit-earning system.

Quality control and shipping system

After selecting the right suppliers, the very next thing is to the agreement of cost relation between client and suppliers by sourcing agents. After this, the sourcing company or agent will manage the quality of products and test them to save their clients from any kind of scam or defective products. The last service sourcing agent can provide is the management of the shipping system to hand over the products or mass to their clients before the deadline.


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