The Best Electric Truck Conversion Kit In 2022


Magna is a great company that unveiled its top-tier electric truck conversion kit for heavy and medium-duty trucks. The fascinating bit about all of this is that there are neither payload losses nor towing capacity. Magna’s brilliant product is known as the EtelligentForce. The product, as mentioned earlier, is a sturdier all-electric truck system that Magna is incorporating into the eBeam kit that it has for half-ton trucks. The EtelligentForce is purposefully developed to cater to the needs of current combustion-engine trucks without having to enhance their brakes or suspensions.

The composition of the EtelligentForce

Magna’s product is primarily an electric motor fastened onto a solid-beam axle. This drive system is capable of being conveniently packed into a truck’s frame. Thus, enabling ICE trucks to have a plug-in hybrid capability. Truck owners are spoilt for choice because they are capable of going with single electric motors for their rear axle, or they can introduce a second motor to their front axle. When a single motor is introduced to a truck’s system, it adds 180 kWh per 241 hp. The earlier mentioned figures are responsible for an extra 335 hp that is added onto the 576 hp. Such a capability relies on how the single electric motor is in tune with the motor in the rear axle.

Magna discloses that no adjustments to a truck’s frame or body are required. Thus, a sufficient room will be available for full suspension motion without the need to hit cross members or involve other frame factors. Moreover, Magna stipulates that their eDrive system amalgamates a predictive controls tactic and a fused decoupling unit. The properties of the eDrive setup function perfectly with the software, gearbox, inverter, and e-motor.

The availability of the EtelligentForce electric truck systems

A truck’s towing ability can reach 14,500 lbs upon the involvement of both motors. Magna anticipates that it will be able to provide its drop-in units in early 2025. However, until then, Magna denotes that it shall progress with the refinement of its EV commodities for more range and performance enhancement. Therefore, an increment in some of the earlier-mentioned production is what we can expect.

Magna designed its eBeam structure to cater to the applications of half-ton trucks. The system, as mentioned above, uses a similar application to that of its eDrive setup via the provision of an electric motor and solid axle combination. Thus, an electric motor’s integration or packaging is not required for a conversion to occur.


Firms such as Ford and GM have manufactured their plug-and-play EV structures. GM is responsible for eCrate Connect &; Cruise conversions, which offer all the attributes required to turn novel or older cars into electric drive ones. On the other hand, Ford has an Eluminator crate motor produced by Ford Performance. The Eluminator is not longer than two feet. Both of the kits, as mentioned above, utilize a double-stack electric motor, which replaces an ICE engine. Additionally, independent firms such as eClassic have been making EV conversion kits for a long time. The conversion kits convert everything from hot rods to 356 Porches and old-school trucks.


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